Restaurant Customers

Restaurant Customers

Restaurants use a tremendous amount of energy daily. From running toilets to outdoor heaters, restaurant electricity bills can get steep very quickly, making restaurant energy efficiency an essential part of managing the bottom line.

Creating an energy management strategy for restaurant efficiency is more unique than nearly every other industry. It’s not just about finding energy efficient kitchen equipment, but planning for the equipment’s usage. It’s determining if a gas stove vs electric stove will be the best choice to keep business utility costs down.

Great Eastern Energy’s expert Energy Advisors are equipped with indispensable knowledge to guide you toward energy efficiency that also sticks to restaurant trends, ultimately increasing sustainability and the bottom line. This can be viewed through our Ener-G Tracker.

To inquire about real-time energy pricing or request your free energy assessment, call 646-832-4433 or email a Great Eastern Energy energy advisor [email protected] today.

Learn from the best by checking out our list of the 8 Greenest Restaurants as well as our Las Palmas Restaurant and Plumsted Grill case studies for tips to reduce your restaurant energy bills.

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