Real Estate Customers

Real Estate Customers

Whether you manage real estate properties or multi-family residential complexes, or are a member of a co-op board or homeowners associations, you are tasked with maintaining low monthly costs to benefit the business as well as your residents.

Great Eastern Energy is committed to helping our real estate energy customers manage their monthly property spending.

Great Eastern Energy works with building management and operations staff representing all classes of commercial real estate properties. We have a long tradition of implementing comprehensive, energy efficient management strategies so that you don’t have to worry about energy consumption patterns and can focus on other aspects of your business operations.

Read the RiverBay case study and learn how Director of Finance, Peter Merola, decreased budget spending by almost 10%.

Whether you’re setting up gas and electricity for the first time or looking for ways to cut down your current property utility costs, Great Eastern Energy can help.

To inquire about real-time energy pricing or request your free energy assessment, call 646-832-4433 or email a Great Eastern Energy Advisor [email protected] today.

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