Education Customers

Education Customers

Budget cuts and drafty, aging buildings are common issues when it comes to heating and cooling schools across the country, and not many are equipped with the complete facts on how to save energy at school. The challenge at the top is always putting forth energy efficiency initiatives while providing a safe and high-quality environment to learn.

Fortunately, there’s a solution. Energy efficient schools, colleges and universities are employing smart, integrated energy plans that can reduce energy demand, lower total overall energy cost, and manage long-term budgets. Finding ways to go green and conserve energy at school will save money in the long-term, allowing administrators to reallocate funds better suited to their students’ needs.

Great Eastern Energy’s Energy Advisors welcome the opportunity to discuss improving energy efficiency for schools and colleges, the results of which could not only be a substantial reduction in your monthly energy costs—but could make a difference in your students’ lives

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