Why go solar?

  • 1

    Strong financial and
    environmental returns

  • 2

    Aggressive federal &
    state incentives

  • 3

    Market your company as
    environmentally sustainable

  • 4

    Hedge against rising
    and volatile electricity prices

  • 5

    Significantly reduce
    electric costs

  • 6

    Reduced carbon footprint
    and zero emissions

Which solar plan is best for you?

  • Direct

    Owning a solar panel system will provide your company with many benefits, including:

    Traditional Bank Financing

    Low Risk Investment with Significant ROI

    Free Electricity for 25+ Years

    Maximum State Incentives

    Significant Tax Benefits

  • Power Purchase

    In a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), a third party investor owns the solar panel system and sells the generated power to the host customer at a discounted rate. The investor takes all the incentives associated with the project, while the host customer receives the following benefits:

    No Money Down, No Capital Required

    Positive Cash Flow from Day-1 with Reduced Electricity Price

    20-YR Hedge Against Rising and Volatile Electricity Prices

    No System Performance or Operating Risk and No Maintenance Costs

  • Operating

    An operating lease provides the host customer with ownership of the solar panel system’s generated electricity and the associated state incentives. The bank owns the system (and receives all tax incentives), while the host customer makes monthly lease payments. The host customer receives the following benefits:

    No Up-Front Capital Investment - 100% Financing

    Positive Cash Flow from YR-1

    State Incentives and Electricity Savings Fund Low Monthly Lease Payments

    Preserve Bank Lines and Working Capital for Core Business Operations

Satisfied customer testimonials:

  • Skidmore College

    Annual energy savings of over $100,000

    “This installation responds to the pressing need for environmentally responsible, cost effective energy for our campus operations, and it exemplifies our strategic commitment to sustainability.”

    Philip A. Glotzbach

    President of Skidmore College

  • Express Lines

    Producing more than 680,000 KWH of power annually

    “Converting these terminals to solar power generation is a significant step to reducing our carbon footprint, and has the dual benefit of reducing energy costs which helps us remain competitive.”

    Rob Estes

    President & CEO of Estes Express Lines

  • Napoli Foods

    60% of electric demand hedged

    “They provided sound advice, delivered detailed technical information and equipment options and had expert installation teams complete the project on time and on budget.”

    Michael Cipriano

    Vice President of Napoli Foods, Inc.

Still not convinced?
Let’s address a few of the most common misconceptions:

  • “Solar will be too expensive for my company.”

    A solar project does not need to be a big expense. In fact, when you choose a power purchase agreement or an operating lease, there won’t be any upfront costs. Solar projects also have very strong ROIs and great federal and state incentives and tax benefits. Not to mention, free electricity.

  • “Switching to solar seems complicated and time consuming.”

    With GEE, switching to solar energy is simple! We will handle your company’s installation from start to finish. Plus, most projects only take between 3 to 6 months.

  • “I don’t think my company’s roof will qualify for a solar installation.”

    Our solar experts can determine if your property qualifies before scheduling an onsite appointment. As long as you own a roof that is at least 120,000 square feet in size and has 15 years of life left, you’ll be set. Solar panels can also be installed on the ground or in parking lots.

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