Our Mission & Values

Great Eastern Energy empowers people to change their relationship with energy to build a better future for generations to come. By providing full-service solutions, we help businesses and property owners thrive by managing their energy costs and increasing their bottom-line. Our mission is to go beyond supplying energy by maintaining the highest level of service and integrity.

We are passionate We are passionate. We empower our customers to understand their relationship with energy and reduce their consumption in an effort to build a better future for generations to come.

We are transparent We are transparent. We are ethical in our behavior and honest in our business interactions. We keep it simple by focusing on what matters to our customers and delivering on our promises.

We are focused on relationships We are focused on relationships. We push ourselves to develop new ways to improve our customer’s relationships with energy. We collaborate and build strong relationships based on honesty, trust and respect. We know that by working together with our customers we will achieve more than we can on our own.

We are innovative We are innovative. Through our deep understanding of energy and commitment to innovation, we are able to bring the best energy services and latest technology to our customers.

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