The New School – Greenwich Village, Manhattan
The school’s university center is sourced from sustainable materials and incorporates a grey and black water treatment system that redistributes water to toilets and the roof top garden. The system reduces water waste by 70%. The school also provides sustainability management courses creating an army of new sustainability pioneers.

255 Columbiam – The Columbia Street Waterfront District, Brooklyn
The 13-unit building is built on the passive house principle, a building concept that uses airtight construction to keep the building’s climate in check without the need for heating or cooling.

Montefiore Hospital – Bronx
The hospital has a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system that allows them to produce 9 megawatts of power on their own. The hospital is also heavily committed to waste management and recycling, and works to create a sustainable community outside of their campus as well.

The Schermerhorn – Boerum Hill, Brooklyn
A glass façade comprised of post-consumer waste glass which reflects infrared light (heat) and building water redistributed to toilets and the rooftop garden make this the perfect residential building.

Observatory Place – Harlem
This condominium was built with green and recycled building materials, and the living quarters are dotted with eco-friendly touches throughout. Specialty bike storage, a rooftop garden and a state-of-the-art fitness center all aim to create a perfectly eco-conscious balance.

The Empire State Building – Midtown, Manhattan

The iconic building was recently retrofitted with a number of energy-saving features, including massive chillers that offer a cleaner, more efficient way to keep the behemoth building cool.

The Greenwich Lane – West Village, Manhattan
A community of townhouses that has taken green building to a new level. This living space is certified LEED Gold. Water efficiency and energy efficiency were top concerns; The building uses more than 50% less energy and water than similarly sized buildings.

The Bank of America Tower – Midtown, Manhattan
This tower features an urban garden in the lobby, cafeteria scrap composting plots on the roof, and high-tech cooling systems.

One World Trade Center – Financial District, Manhattan
Designed with a water-cooling system drawing water from the Hudson River, as well as a rainwater collection system, One World Trade Center is super eco-friendly.

The Hearst Tower – Midtown, Manhattan
LEED Gold certified, the tower was the first green skyscraper to grace Manhattan’s iconic skyline. Approximately 90% of the building’s steel came from recycled sources, and the tower is built with energy-saving amenities, including a lighting system that automatically adjusts based on the weather and amount of sunlight streaming in. A water collection system saves about 2 million gallons of water every year, and the cooling system utilizes about 26% less energy than similarly-sized buildings.

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