As we welcome in the new year, it’s common practice to reflect on the successes and failures of the previous year. If success for you includes having more money to spend on the things you love or being more aware of your impact on the environment, then signing up for a new energy plan should be top of your resolutions list.

Spend less

Are you spending more than you should on your utility bills? Switching isn’t as hard as you might think. Shop around for prices using websites like NYS Power to Choose New York or Choose Energy for Massachusetts.

There are a variety of plans to consider when switching, whether you are looking at electricity or gas. A variable plan means the price you pay is a month-to-month price which will follow market conditions. The price you pay may go up and down, however it gives you the flexibility to react to market opportunities and gives you the freedom to change your supplier or plans at any time.

A fixed rate plan allows you to lock a specific rate for a term of your choice. A fixed pricing plan protects you from volatile market conditions – especially during the cold winter. It’s perfect for those on a budget and avoids any shocks come bill day.

At Great Eastern Energy we also offer a “convertible plan” which offers the best of both worlds. It allows the flexibility to react to market opportunities while also protecting you from high prices during peak periods.

But it isn’t all about the money. Also consider the company’s customer service reputation and overall ethos. Give them a call and ask some questions including which plan they recommend for you to ensure they meet your expectations and will fulfill your energy needs

Use less

Using less energy is both kind on your pocket and the planet. Make a plan for the year with some small, measurable goals and stick to it. Before you know it you will be saving more energy than you believed possible!

Here are some tips on saving energy:

  • Insulate your home or business
  • Use LED lights
  • Turn down your thermostat a few degrees over winter or invest in a “smart” thermostat
  • Use Great Eastern Energy’s Ener-G Tracker
  • Have an energy audit completed
  • Swap out old appliances for those with an Energy Star rating
  • Or check out more energy saving tips here

Use green energy

Make a commitment to sustainability this year and switch to renewable energy. At Great Eastern Energy we offer a fixed renewable energy plan which reduces the amount of carbon generated from your electricity use and reduces your environmental impact while still offering cost control and protection from market fluctuations. If you sign up we will also send you a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) which is proof that clean energy has been generated and represents the environmental benefits of 1 MWh of renewable energy generation. You will also receive stickers to place as you please and spread the word about green energy!

To learn more or speak to one of our energy advisors, call us at 646.832.4433 or email [email protected].

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