If you run a business, you’ve likely heard that one of the best ways to cut down your energy costs is by switching to LED lighting. But the initial fees can often be prohibitive, especially for a smaller business.

Here are three great ways to avoid those overwhelming up-front costs:

Find a Flexible Financing Partner

GEE has recently launched our LED Retrofitting program, designed for businesses of all sizes, industries, and revenues. The best part of GEE’s program is our flexible financing option, which doesn’t require an up-front installation fee. Instead this fee is distributed evenly across your 24-month electricity supply term, making the overall cost manageable for any business. And though the installation fee is rolled into each bill, your monthly expenditures will still be lowered overall because LED lighting uses less energy.

Let the Government to Subsidize the Cost

State governments have strived to make switching to LED as inexpensive as possible by providing incentives and energy tax credits for businesses or residences that are using green lighting solutions. These vary by each state, but there are many options for everything from retrofitting a current building to new construction installations, for small businesses to large homes, from rebates and grants, to loans or tax-incentive programs. LED lighting is all about finding the right fit for you.

Get a Complete Lighting Audit

Receiving a detailed analysis of your current energy spend versus your potential energy costs after switching to LED can be an eye-opening experience. Especially since savings can be up to 80%. This is where GEE can help—not only by creating the right retrofitting plan for your business, but ensuring you’re lowering your energy output as much as possible.

Learn more about GEE’s LED Retrofitting here, and don’t forget to watch our video that explains the process in detail here!

11 May, 2018
By Great Eastern Energy
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