A white rooftop? Why would you paint want to paint your rooftop white?

Great Eastern Energy was excited to announce the White Roof Project as our annual “Energize the Community” holiday donation recipient. We welcomed two volunteers from the White Roof Project organization into our office to receive the donation and talk to us about the benefits of painting your roof white and how we can all get involved.

white roof

The White Roof Project is an organization that strives to paint urban black roofs with solar-reflective white coating to relieve stress on the power grid, cut down on smog, and create tangible change for individuals and communities by reflecting solar rays that would otherwise heat the roof and building it covers.

On a 90°F summer’s day, your roof can reach temperatures of up to 180°F, trapping heat inside of your house and bringing indoor temperatures up to 115°F. Those dark rooftops only reflect 20% of the sunlight back into the environment while trapping in smog. By contrast, white rooftops only heat to about 100°F keeping the indoors a much more tolerable 80°F while reducing smog.

The best part about painting a roof white is that you can do it yourself!
Find out more about the benefits, volunteer opportunities, and how to paint your own roof white here.

07 Jan, 2019
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