At Great Eastern Energy we believe that energy needs to be conserved to protect our environment from damage and harmful changes.

Bio, Green, Eco are some of the buzzwords you can read everywhere. Most of us know the basic actions to save energy. We know how to be more energy conscious, but are we?

Do we turn off the lights when we leave the room? How about exchanging our old inefficient light bulbs for LED light bulbs?

We want to help our customers think about how they interact with energy on a day-to-day basis, from the lights that illuminate their house to the heater that keeps them warm at night.

So what type of energy personality do you have?

Take this Energy Personality Quiz to find out, and then share and compare your results with friends. We’ve even provided tips along the way to help educate everyone about easy ways to tweak their energy habits.

20 Nov, 2017
By Great Eastern Energy
30 Oct, 2017
By Great Eastern Energy
02 Oct, 2017
By Great Eastern Energy