As much as we love the holiday, hosting your family can be quite stressful. Between the prep work, cooking, cleaning, and constant use of energy by your beloved friends and family, how do you manage?


With all the time and money spent  on preparing a worthy Thanksgiving Feast, you can at least cut down on your energy bills. Check out these 6 tips to reduce energy consumption when your family comes home for the holidays:


1. During the daylight hours, encourage family and friends to play outside. It keeps everyone engaged and active while reducing the need for lights to be on indoors. Remind children to shut the door behind them as they come and go.

2. Enjoy each other’s company without the TV (after the football game of course). Play board games, chat and take a nice walk to burn off all that food!. Keep drinks in a cooler. You’ll need all the fridge space for food. Plus, this will keep the family from opening and closing the refrigerator door every few minutes.

3. Make a list of the food you will be serving and see what can be cooked together so you don’t need to have the oven on all day for every individual dish.

4. Lower your thermostat. The oven and stove will keep your house plenty warm while you’re cooking.

5. Use slow cookers. They use significantly less energy than stoves. And don’t peek! Removing the lid or opening the oven door cools your oven requiring longer cooking times.

6. Do you have a fireplace or woodburning stove? Light it up for the family. It will keep you toasty while creating a holiday atmosphere.


Lastly, our favorite tip is to be thankful for your loved ones.


Be happy, stay healthy, and have a lovely holiday.

07 Jan, 2019
By Great Eastern Energy
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