The 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas took place a month ago, but we’re still excited about some of the green technology that appeared on the show floor. Green tech is a growing sector, and the most recent CES proved that 2018 is no exception.



HiberSense’s tagline is “Smarter Buildings. Smaller Bills,” which speaks to the energy saving aspect of this app. Marketed as a Connected Climate Control, the HiberSense app works with your HVAC system to install electronically-controlled vents that can be retrofitted. This means that each room’s temperature can be adjusted for your comfort, but it can also be controlled when it’s not in use, cutting down on your overall energy usage and saving users 30-40% on heating and cooling costs.



YOlk is a solar power company that is making solar panels more widely available to average consumers. Their product line includes “Solar Paper,” the world’s thinnest and lightest solar charger, and the “Solarade; The world’s smallest 5W solar charger.” YOlk products’ ease of use and size is making energy saving easier than ever for anyone interested in going greener.


B.One Chatbot


Using a highly-encrypted platform, the B.One Hub allows homeowners to control every device that uses energy from one smart app, including Thermostats, Humidity Sensors, CO Sensors and Smoke Sensors. Consumers can know, see, and better predict their home’s energy usage, therefore allowing them to be more efficient. The Chatbot takes homeowner’s B.One control a step further by allowing them to communicate with their home via smartphone messenger apps like Facebook or Line.

Ēdn SmallGarden 2


The SmallGarden 2 is bringing gardening indoors and making it accessible to anyone hoping to be a little greener with a green thumb. This Wi-Fi and app controlled design utilizes LED lights and moisture sensors to provide everything your greenery needs to grow and thrive, no expert gardening experience necessary!

Elmer Shower


People’s showers are often a sanctuary where people don’t necessarily want to think about their output or the environment. So, the Elmer Shower does it for you. Through an app connected to the shower, users can set the flow rate, control the temperature and pressure, and manage their energy consumption overall. Its other features include playing music, using voice commands, or adding essential oils.

Yes it is Tag Sensor


The Tag Sensor by Yes It Is will continuously record environmental data to provide smart energy management solutions. The Tag Sensor can be installed in your home at any time and has a battery life of one year. Data such as humidity and temperatures is sent to your smartphone in a customizable app, where you can also view historical data and store information for multiple sensors.

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