In order to deliver gas to customers in Con Edison’s territory, energy supply companies (ESCOs) must use the pipeline space or capacity contracted and released out by Con Edison. However, many utilities, including Con Edison, do not provide a fair share of their resources with ESCOs, which in the winter can be very economical.

Great Eastern Energy, who has taken the lead on this issue on behalf of its customers, recently commented on a proposed supplemental winter supply and balancing program called the Managed Supply Service, which is Con Edison’s proposed solution to the problem.

While Great Eastern Energy welcomes the effort, in its comments to the Public Service Commission the company stated that it is a “small step towards improving Con Edison’s retail access program, albeit a very small step.”

As described by Great Eastern Energy, the Managed Supply Service would provide limited access to Con Edison’s winter storage supply, but at a level far below that enjoyed by the utility’s direct customers.

Great Eastern Energy is asking the Commission to approve the filing but also do a more comprehensive review of Con Edison’s program to level the playing field.

Additionally, come January 2016, Con Edison’s gas pricing will rise due to the expiration of a preexisting credit, making ESCO fixed rate prices even more attractive.

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