Brooklyn, NY, January 12, 2016 — Great Eastern Energy is proud to announce that it will be featured on “In America,” with James Earl Jones, a short-form documentary series that seeks to educate by communicating the most crucial new stories to a wide audience through Public Television distribution. Hosted by industry veteran James Earl Jones, the episode will include insights from Matthew Lanfear, CEO at Great Eastern Energy, and Jeff Hogan, Energy and Sustainability Manager at Montefiore Medical Center. A client of Great Eastern Energy, Montefiore is deeply committed to producing and using sustainable energy in addition to being the region’s premier academic health system.

The episode will focus on microgrids, which are modern, localized, small-scale electricity grids, typically used by organizations that consume large amounts of energy. Microgrids can disconnect from the centralized grid and operate autonomously, strengthen grid resilience and help mitigate grid disturbances. Montefiore has the longest running cogeneration facility of any New York City hospital.

“Educating the public on how to better manage their energy and reduce consumption is our mission, and microgrids provide a great step in the right direction,” Lanfear said. “Through ‘In America’ we hope to not only inform the audience, but also to inspire them to be more responsible energy consumers.”

The “In America” microgrid documentary is set to premiere on January 18, 2016 with airings occurring between 7:00am-11:45am and 6:00pm-11:45pm on CNN, CNN Headline News, MSNBC, CNBC, Fox News, Fox Business Network, TLC and Discovery through January 31, 2016.



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