With winter well on the way and temperatures dropping it’s worth considering the impact this will have on your utility bills. As demand grows during the colder seasons there is often a rise in the price of natural gas however, this is something determined by several factors. Some components that impact energy costs are market supply and demand, seasonal weather conditions, the regulatory and political environment. As a consumer there is nothing you can do to control some of these factors, but you do have control over the amount of energy you consumption and  choices when it comes to energy supply plans . Here are some top tips on how to keep your natural gas bill as low as possible this season.

      1. Select a retail energy supplier

        This is one of the quickest and most effective ways to manage your energy costs. Use a price State governed comparison website (if available) to compare offers provided by licensed retail energy suppliers. For example, in New York,  visit the NYS Power to Choose  website.

      2. Consider the different pricing plan options to get the best deal for you

        While looking for the best deal energy supply plan, it is prudent to consider a plan that is the best for your needs.

        A variable plan means the price you pay is a month-to-month price which will follow market conditions.  On a variable pricing plan, the price you pay may go up and down, however it gives you the flexibility to react to market opportunities and gives you the freedom to change your supplier or plans at any time.

        A fixed rate plan allows you to lock a specific rate for a term of your choice. A fixed pricing plan protects you from volatile market conditions – especially during the cold winter. Fixed pricing plans are perfect for those of us on a specific budget each month and gives peace of mind that you won’t receive a shock when your bill arrives because you know what price to expect. Just be sure you manage your consumption.

        With winter quickly approaching, now is the time to lock into a plan to avoid the potential future rate hikes. Confused about which plan would suit your needs best? Speak to one of our energy advisers who can discuss your energy goals and recommend the ideal plan for you. To learn more, call us at 646.832.4433 or email [email protected]

      3. Become more energy efficient

        There’s a quote which says the cheapest energy is the energy you don’t use. Experts are obliged to agree since it’s one of the quickest and easiest methods to lower your energy bill this winter. It can be as simple as picking a few of our energy saving tips  or as big as having a full energy audit completed on your home or business.

        Top tips may include turning your thermostat down by just a few degrees, wearing more layers inside your home or making good use of your ceiling fan to push the hot air back down into the room.   

      4. Track your energy usage (EnerG Tracker)  

        Are you aware how much energy you are using each month? Finding out can be a key step in limiting your consumption and saving money on your energy bills. There are gadgets on the market called Home Energy Monitors you can buy to measure usage directly in your home. Or you can try out our Ener-G Tracker which allows you to consolidate all your energy bills in one place, breaks down your bills into supply and delivery costs and allows you to set budgets each month (it will even email you when you are reaching your limit!) To arrange a demo click here.

If you follow these tips it should help you prevent any shock bills this winter, leaving you with some extra dollars to spend on your loved ones this holiday season. Energy bills and pricing can be confusing so don’t forget we are always here to help if you need us!

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