The journey to living more sustainably continues with Part Three of our ABCs of Sustainability. To catch up, check out Parts One and Two!


With plastic reaching record levels in our oceans and landfills, recycling is becoming more and more essential. Recycling comes in all forms, whether is repurposing furniture or clothing into other items, composting to create fertilizer for your garden, or simple separating your recyclable products from your trash items. Whatever you can do to participate is a valuable contribution to our environment.


Solar powered energy is continuing to gain popularity each year, with renewable energy usage in the US increasing from 13% in 2017 to 16% in 2017. The reasons to utilize solar are also increasing, including the steady decrease in the installation costs, financial incentives from the utility companies, and the long-term durability.

Third-Party Supplier

That’s us! GEE and other Third-Party Suppliers (TPS’s also sometimes known as ESCOs) supply electricity, natural gas, and renewable energy for homes, small businesses, and large commercial businesses. But how does it work? Unlike your utility company, we offer our customers the benefit of fixed rate costs, which saves customers in the long-term. We also offer value-added services to businesses such as LED Retrofitting and Ener-G Tracker platform, all designed to ensure businesses are getting the biggest bang for their energy bucks.

Usage Monitoring

Usage monitoring is valuable for both homeowners and business owners, no matter the size. You never want to get caught not knowing what to expect from your energy bill, especially if you’re on a variable rate and the weather is being unpredictable. GEE’s Ener-G Tracker platform is one of the best ways to not only track current usage but predict upcoming usage. Designed for businesses with multiple utility accounts, and is now available in several states across the US.

Vehicle Maintenance

Cars are one of the biggest culprits of climate change, and though they’ve become better designed and more energy efficient over the last 15 years, it’s also up to you as the owner to ensure your car is running at its most efficient. Doing regular checks can improve mileage by as much as 40%.


Windows are the eyes of our homes, but they can also lead to some of our home’s biggest energy inefficiencies, letting air conditioning out during the summer and cold air in during the winter. While there is initially a big cost, installing energy efficient windows lowers energy bills and saves money in the long-term, so the investment is valuable for your energy bills and your home’s sustainability.

(e)Xtreme Weather Conditions

The weather is become more extreme no matter where you live, especially going into the summer with tornadoes and hurricanes. Protecting and preparing your home is not only safe, but also energy efficient. Installing energy efficient storm windows, purchasing an energy efficient back-up generator, and monitoring your home’s structure and foundation well before inclement weather strikes is your best way to establish peace of mind about your home’s safety and sustainability.

Yard landscaping

Having a green thumb for your yard is not only a nice way to spend time outside, but it’s great for the environment and for your home’s energy efficiency. Whether you live in a cool, damp climate or a hot, dry one, the landscaping around your home will immediately create a microclimate. Whether you create additional shade, block wind, or create moisture, small changes surrounding your home will make major climate differences.

Zero Waste Lifestyle

Zero waste is a very hot topic right now, from major industries to small businesses, zero waste has gone from being a lofty goal to a very attainable one. It’s also one of the most sustainable lifestyles choices you can make for yourself and the environment.

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