Summer is in full swing, which means backyard BBQs, late summer nights, and throwing the occasional party. Make sure your summer soiree is not only fun, but green as well with these tips and tricks!

1. Send Digital Invites

From Facebook to Paperless Post, there are now so many ways to create invites without using any paper or ink. And really, most people are digital these days anyway. But if you’re not tech savvy, you can always go another traditional route—a quick phone call.

2. Ditch the Plastic

From the recent announcement that Starbucks will stop using straws to the EU cracking down on companies use of plastic, plastic is becoming public enemy #1. And rightly so, since it’s predicted that there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans by 2050. So, join the plastic-free revolution and switch to more sustainable utensils made of compostable and biodegradable materials.

3. Make it a Potluck

Guests usually like to arrive with something in hand, so why not make it BYO Dish? Not only will this reduce your energy costs in your home with meal prep, it will also cut down on the energy you put in to throwing your bash. It will also mean less dishes to clean after.

4. Use Drink Markers

Let’s face it: when parties go into the night, guests tend to lose their drink cups and pick up new ones. This creates a lot of unnecessary waste, which you can prevent with fun drink markers. Go the simple route of having people write their names on their cups or get creative with unique identifiers like tiny umbrellas or colorful ribbons. Bonus tip: serve drinks in mason jars that people can decorate and take home as party favors!

5. Make it Vegetarian

When you host a summer party, it’s easy to serve the standard fare: hot dogs and hamburgers. You can still have those, but why not go for the vegetarian versions instead? Going meatless will contribute significantly to the environment, cutting down on greenhouse gases, pollution, and deforestation. And we can all agree that the best sides are fruits and veggies anyway, so those will be easy.

6. Use Cloth Napkins and Table Linens

Disposable napkins and tablecloths are the easiest choice, but they’re not always the eco-friendliest. Make your party a little greener—and fancier—by using cloth napkins and table covers. After your party you’ll have to do a load of laundry, which will be one less load in your wastebasket. Bonus tip: buy your cloths and linens at a vintage or second-hand shop to promote upcycling!

7. Composting and Recycling Bins

Though you should strive for a zero-waste party, it can be a big ask for your guests. To that end, make sure you have composting and recycling bins readily available and accessible. It will also make post-party clean-up and sorting a little easier.

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