Though our electronics can often be the biggest culprits behind an energy inefficient lifestyle, companies big and small, local and international, are producing innovative electronics that are not only eco-friendlier, but will make our lives eco-friendlier as well. Here are our favorite 7 must-have energy efficient electronics that will do just that.

1. Lifx LED lightbulb











The Lifx LED lightbulb is a Wi-Fi enabled multi-colored LED smart bulb that lasts for up to 40,000 hours and can display 16 million colors. And because you can control it from your smartphone, you’ll never again leave home wondering if you turned the lights off.

2. Eugene trash scanner


The Eugene trash scanner will turn your trash and recycling can into a high-tech dispenser. Scan an item before you throw it away, and Eugene will not only add the item to a shopping list that can be used online or in person, but it will tell you if that product (or parts of a product) can be recycled.

3. Ecolink wireless lighting

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Who knew mood lighting was so energy efficient? Ecolink wireless lighting connects your home lighting system to your smart phone, tablet, or computer, so you can remotely operate your lighting, including turning lights off to create an atmospheric setting by dimming. Ecolink will also send your phone energy usage notifications so you can track your output.

4. SolPad mobile panels


The biggest challenge for installing solar is the cost, but SolPad panels intend to make them more ubiquitous for homes. Mobile SolPads are smaller, more affordable, and easier to install. They’re even ideal for renters who aren’t permitted to install panels are their roofs.

5. Whirlpool Zera Food Recycler


Composting is a commitment, and can sometimes be a messy one. The Whirlpool Zera Food Recycler is out to change that. This counter-height bin turns your food scraps in to fertilizer, right in your home. And don’t worry, it includes a carbon filter so it doesn’t make a stink. It also includes a mobile app so you can track and operate it remotely.

6. Carrier Côr Thermostat

With a contemporary design and a 3.5-inch, full-color touch screen, the Cor thermostat responds automatically via its built-in proximity sensor and welcomes users with an intuitive interface. Behind its sleek exterior, the Cor thermostat's powerful microprocessor executes advanced algorithms for greater efficiency and ideal comfort. (PRNewsFoto/Carrier)

Move over Nest, there’s a new wi-fi enabled thermostat on the market: the Carrier Côr is the next level of remote-controlled thermostat technology. Featuring a touch screen and voice-enabled commands, Côr will adapt to its environment, operating efficiently and comfortably. It even monitors your home’s energy usage and offers tips to decrease costs and output.

7. HYDRAO smart showerhead


We’re all guilty of taking long showers sometimes, but with HYDRAO smart showerhead, that may no longer be an issue. Using colorful LED lighting to signal reaching water consumption thresholds, the HYDRAO is designed to increase awareness of water usage and encourage reduced water and energy consumption by 25%. It also includes an app that provides additional usage monitoring.

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