The winter season is well under way, with the first week of 2018 boasting some of the coldest winter weather throughout the country—hello “bomb cyclone“! So how you can you keep your energy costs down while keeping your home temperatures up? Here are 5 ways to stay warm while keeping your energy savings cool.

1. Invest in Heated Blankets


Heated blankets are one of the savviest ways to save on energy and stay warm. Not only do heated blankets use very little energy to warm up, but they allow you the flexibility of lowering your thermostat, creating even more savings.

2. Utilize Your Ceiling Fans


Sure, this may seem counterintuitive, but use of ceiling fans in the winter will help achieve better airflow. If you keep your ceiling fan on a low setting, it will work to gently push hot air back down into the room.

3. Get a Humidifier—and a Few Houseplants


The air in winter is very drying, but moist air tends to feel warmer and holds heat better. Add a humidifier, as well as a few houseplants, to create a damper climate—and therefore warmer—climate within your home.

4. Focus on Your Windows


One of the biggest culprits to heaters working overtime are your windows. There are several ways you can keep the heat inside, using anything from thermal curtains to sealing cracks with caulk to covering your windows with bubble wrap. Some options are prettier than others, but the energy saving effects are worth it.

5. Close Your Doors


Creating a smaller space will help to make your heating system more effective and energy efficient. Close any doors to rooms in your home that aren’t in use, and if you have rooms that are very rarely occupied, you may even consider covering their vents to redirect the heat in to more used areas.

Now you’ve made some savings on the quantity of energy you’re using, is it possible you are paying too much for your energy plan? A fixed rate will protect you from those pesky price hikes over winter, why not request a quote from us here or speak to one of our energy advisors on 646.832.4433 today!

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