Summer is peak wedding season, so whether you’re attending as a guest or hosting your own, here are our favorite tips for making your special day a little greener.

1. Wear a Vintage, Rented or Second-Hand Dress

Sustainability has become a leading initiative in the fashion industry, making green wedding dresses easier than ever to find. From Rent the Runway to H&M’s eco-conscious wedding collection, your options vary and can be tailored to your tastes and needs. Going vintage or second-hand is also a great option that will save you some major green.

2. Find a Green Venue

Anyone who plans a wedding will tell you that the first and most important step is finding a venue. This is still the case when planning a green wedding. If you’re not up for having a wedding outside—the greenest venue—then choose one that is green in other ways. From venues that commit to sustainable practices, to one that is close to most guests to cut down on travel

3. Buy Local Flowers—Then Donate Them

Buying local in general is ideal for going green, but flowers are one of the easiest items to come by locally. There are many new companies, like The Bouqs, that employ “farm-to-table” practices, like cutting the stems and sending the flowers within a day. Go even greener after your celebration ends by finding a local hospital or nursing home to drop off your arrangements, or you work with companies like Repeat Roses to schedule a pick-up directly.

4. Give Green Party Favors—Literally

Succulents have grown in popularity because they’re perfect plants for those lacking a green thumb. They’ve also become popular guest favors because they’re inexpensive and come in petite, transportable sizes. Another green option for favors are seed packets or repurposing your floral arrangements into smaller bouquets to share with your guests.

5. Register for Experiences, Not Items

While it’s very tempting to get a lot of shiny, new gifts (hello standing mixer!) it’s not exactly green to have a registry full of gifts. From paper and plastic included in packaging, and greenhouse gases used for shipping, gift registries are nearly the opposite of green. A great alternative option to registering for gifts is registering for experiences with websites like Honeyfund, where friends and family can help pay for a honeymoon.

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