“There’s probably an app for that,” is a common phrase these days. As landlines go extinct and people become more tech savvy, they also get more attached to their phones. We use apps for things like socializing, dating, traveling, and exercise. So why not use one for energy efficiency? We found 4 great apps for keeping track of your energy usage and reducing your carbon footprint.

1) Kill-Ur-Watts:

Developed by KeyLogic as a crowdsourcing challenge for the industry to develop an “Apps for Energy,” Kill-Ur-Watts keeps track of your energy use overtime. It also develops strategies for energy reduction. Kill-Ur-Watts allows users to:

• View hourly, daily, & monthly home energy consumption profiles

• View yearly energy costs & average residential electrical rates

• Calculate home energy score, (carbon footprint) compared to natural averages for a typical name

•Link to home energy efficiency tools such as Energy Star

*To try out the app, you must have an iPhone/iPad/iPod touch running IOS 50 or higher.

2) Green Outlet

One of the easiest ways to save money is by reducing your electricity usage. The Green Outlet app for IOS & iPhone is a perfect way to start. It tracks your home energy use–and estimates electrical bills–so you can start reducing both. It gauges which appliances are using the most electricity so you can reduce your household energy use and bills.

3) Light Bulb Saver

Offered by the Department of the Environment, Light Bulb Saver helps you calculate how much money you can save by replacing your current lights with energy efficient alternatives, and offers tips to help in designing effective and efficient lighting solutions for each room in your home. On this app, you’ll only receive replacement recommendations for LEDs, as they are the most energy efficient bulb type on the market.

4) Gas Buddy

This free app on iTunes searches for the cheapest gas prices by your area. With crowdsources information listing 140K+ stations, you’ll have the closest and cheapest gas options at your fingertips. It reports prices, allows you to leave and read station reviews, as well earn points and achievements for reporting pricing. It’s available for iPhone & Android.

11 May, 2018
By Great Eastern Energy
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