Put the Power of Energy in Your Hands

The Ener-G Tracker lets you proactively monitor your energy budget and consumption, so you can make better energy conserving decisions for your business and save on your power bill.

Organize, Understand & Reduce Your Energy Bills

Ener-G Tracker keeps a consolidated record of all your different utility bills in one secure web-based location. The platform also includes a monthly breakdown of your invoices so you can see both your supply and delivery costs.

Set Your Budget & Save on Your Power Bill

The Budget Wizard helps you create an energy budget for the year based on the projected usage and cost you set for your business.

Get Email Alerts

Our built-in intelligence proactively monitors your energy usage for you and will send you email notifications if you begin to go outside of your budgeted usage and costs.

Make Educated Decisions

Ener-G Tracker incorporates data from over 300 weather stations and 30 years of historical data to give you an educated prediction of what your energy usage and costs should be for the upcoming year.

Start Making Smarter Energy Decisions

Get an Ener-G Tracker demo and learn how you can manage & reduce your business’s energy costs.
No matter what your business’s size is, you can always become more energy efficient.

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